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Since 1978, FORTA Corporation has been the most recognized and respected name in the reinforcement fiber industry. Continuously leading the market, FORTA® has researched, manufactured, and distributed reinforcement fibers tailored to specific applications and the demands of an ever-expanding global construction community. From the lab to the job site, FORTA is involved every step of the way, working with customers as a partner.

Building on years of innovation, FORTA Corporation is now expanding and introducing the FORTA Delivery Systems division – designed to streamline and automate the fiber addition process – for a variety of applications. FORTA Corporation acquired the assets of VM Fiber Feeder, Inc., a privately-owned manufacturing entity, in June 2017. The acquisition paved the way to the formation of FORTA Delivery Systems which includes the manufacturing and sales of a variety of units for the distribution of fiber reinforcement for the concrete and asphalt industries. Backed with decades of experience in the fiber business, FORTA Delivery Systems are designed to provide customers with unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

FORTA’s Delivery Systems division provides an integral component to our family of companies – giving our customers a complete experience. Couple our new line of fiber dispensers with our line of synthetic fibers and you will be a leader in your field.

Comprised of a seasoned and knowledgeable staff of industry experts, FORTA leads the way, building a Stronger Lasting™ future for the concrete, asphalt, and construction industries. FORTA will continue to research, innovate, and develop new and improved technology now and into the future.

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