Ranger Mobile Fiber Feeder for Concrete

The FORTA Ranger Volumetric Fiber Feeder

The Ranger is the solution for automatic disbursement of pre-chopped fibers into volumetric concrete trucks. Reliable and durable – known as being “bulldozer-proof” – the Ranger performs in the most difficult environments.

The Ranger’s proven accuracy saves you both money and time. Take the guesswork out of your fiber usage – The Ranger always dispenses the exact measured amount of fiber relative to the speed of mixing. Its high-speed hydraulic motor and uniquely designed declumping system ensures an even distribution into the mix.

FORTA® Ranger Benefits

Attaches to Volumetric Concrete Trucks

The Ranger easily attaches to volumetric concrete trucks and does not hinder the mixing process. The compact size allows for mounting the Ranger near the cement bin – close to the mixing chamber – on virtually any volumetric concrete truck.

Low Maintenance

The Ranger’s strength and durability means you’ll get a lifetime of value. Little maintenance is required – inspect, clean and lubricate regularly and your Ranger will provide years of reliable service.

Easy to Use

The Ranger’s control panel is simple and straightforward. With only a power switch and speed control knob (potentiometer), anyone can operate the Ranger. A digital display shows the speed of the auger motor which correlates to the feed rate of the fiber.

FORTA® Ranger Features

Accuracy Saves Money

The Ranger fiber feeder allows you to choose variable feed rates per your job requirements. Extreme accuracy ensures that you always use the correct amount of fiber, saving you money.

Easy Installation Gets You Up-And-Running Quickly

2 brackets, 1 connection to a 12 VDC power source, and 3 hydraulic hose connections are all it takes to get started.

Fiber Capacity

The Ranger’s drum holds approximately 40lb of fiber and has a window so operators can easily recognize when it’s time to add more fiber.

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