Little Shot for Asphalt


The Little Shot fiber transport system was designed to quickly and safely move synthetic fiber reinforcement from ground-level storage to upper-level systems. With no moving parts and minimal – if any maintenance – the Little Shot requires only PVC pipe and a supply of compressed air.

Little Shot fiber transport system

FORTA Little Shot Benefits:

Creates a Safer Work Environment

Manually adding fibers to your production process may create potential hazards. With the Little Shot, you eliminate the safety concerns of climbing and lifting.

Reduces Labor & Production Time

Ultra-fast delivery of fibers means you’ll reduce the time it takes for employees to add fibers. Simply add fibers to the Little Shot at ground level and your fibers are transported within seconds.

Typical delivery time to move a 1 lb of fibers through a 50-foot system is 2-3 seconds!

Easy Maintenance

The Little Shot is rugged – built with heavy-duty parts that last for years. Maintenance is nearly nonexistent.

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